The past 5+ years I have led the design & development of 13+ connected mobile apps/website systems spanning the FinTech, Transportation, Healthcare, Engineering and Retail sectors. Key projects include the EMEA region Sales & Marketing system for Johnson & Johnson, stock trading platform for Financial Software company Trayport, an integrated job management system for Thames Water, a sustainable transport app for the London Borough of Lambeth and many more.

    I have also been winner of the Open Data hackathon (2017) with Reading Buses, organised a Wellbeing Technology event at Google Campus, presented a workshop on Open Reporting at #NotWestminster and was finalist at the IoT (internet of things) UK competition where I presented the concept for an "Urban mobility Data Exchange".

    I am currently focused on facilitating programmes and designing products that result in more Creative & Healthy ecosystems within Workplaces and across Neighbourhoods.




    Innovation Strategist (99 Aha!)

    Innovation Training + Digital Platforms + Employee/Community Wellbeing

    May 2016 – Present

    My goal as an Innovation Strategist is to build co-designed, evidence tested products that people enjoy using, solve 'real' problems, improve collaborative cultures within the company, empower staff and have diverse, clear-cut, value-based metrics for measuring impact.
    My flagship project as an Innovation Strategist has been leading the design and development of the Z.E.N (zero emissions network) digital platform. This is a dynamic website and CMS (content management system) enabling 1000+ businesses across the London boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets access Offers & Grants that enable them to operate “cheaper, cleaner, greener”.
    The project is owned by the G.L.A (Greater London Authority) and funded by the Mayor of London’s Air Quality fund.
    My role in the project included:

    • Stakeholder Interviews with key Council Personnel to ensure internal cultural support for the platform
    • Customer surveys to gain input of local businesses 
    • Insight reports summarising key inputs of local businesses and council stakeholders related to sustainability 
    • Prototyping workshop involving 4 disparate Council departments
    • Project timeline & Product roadmap in line with Agile/Lean principles 
    • Technical & design personnel - procuring, selecting and managing team & budgets 
    • Training workshops & documentation for Council staff on using the platform

    The website was launched on Valentine's day 2017 and has won praise from both member businesses and Local Government leadership for its User interface and flexible, modular CMS (content management system).

    Digital Product Manager

    Digital + Innovation + Project Leadership

    London, UK — March 2012 ­- April 2017

    5+ years, 8+ programmes, £1 mn+ revenue

    The Shoreditch area in East London has been nicknamed "Silicon Roundabout" and the past 5+ years I have been based at the heart of this 'tech corridor'.


    Key projects as Digital Innovation Manager included:

    * Johnson & Johnson - Integrated iPad sales presenter App (hosted on J&J native app store), content management system linking Marketing in California with Field Sales across Europe, Customer facing desktop application. The project involved Compliance, Marketing, Sales, IT, Design and Branding personnel across J&J’s UK, Belgium and California Offices.

    * InstMC - A 6 year (2014-2020) Digital strategy proposition detailing redesign & rebuild of existing website, redesign of new member application forms, migration of membership database from manual (paper-based) version to an automated web-hosted platform and micro-site of Annual Yearbook.

    * Lambike - Sustainable transport mobile app for Lambeth Council enabling Bicycle riders to navigate green routes and locate complimentary services like Restaurants, bike shops, supermarkets etc.

    * FinGo - Investors receive real-time notifications of targeted announcements relating to their investment portfolio parsed from the London Stock Exchange’s RNS feeds.

    * Norwich Central - Integrated eCommerce system and public facing mobile application connecting Consumers to handpicked discounts. The backend system enabled Businesses to ‘push’ special offers, create loyalty programmes and track reward redemption.

    * Trayport (Joule mobile) - mobile stock trading platform incorporating secure login (OAuth), configured accounts across devices, developed in an isolated (sandbox) environment utilising no open source code (verified by black duck scan).

    * Thames Water (PN Daly) - Design of an integrated job management system linking backend admin files with a field engineering on-site iPad application. This enabled records to be updated in real time and eliminated duplication of entries.

    * Marcus Butler - Celebrity mobile app enabling custom creation of competitions, video live streams, live chat and exclusive content. Ranked top 5 free apps on iTunes on launch.


    * Data Center Dynamics - iPhone App for flagship publication incorporating custom editorial layout, in-app advertising, in-app subscription, subscriber login, personalised news feed and event registration.

  • KEY skills

    1. Lead teams through discovery research, Problem prioritisation, brainstorming, prototyping and testing of new product concepts


    2. Lead interactive workshops that teach teams how to apply the Design Thinking process independently and convert Organisation challenges into Evidence tested Prototypes


    3. Develop Transformation programmes including cultural change, business process re-engineering, staff training and digital skills


    4. Develop new digital delivery policies and procedures to ensure efficient and consistent working practices


    5. Provide Strategic Guidance for developing digital capabilities to improve customer experiences, operational processes and business models


    6. Generate and implement innovative ideas and conceptual frameworks to solve Business challenges and drive out insightful recommendations


    7. Project responsibility for delivery within expected budgets, timescales and agreed specification (including management of cross delivery teams and contract management of 3rd party specialist suppliers)

  • innovation

    IoT (internet of things) UK

    Nation wide showcase applying the Internet of things for social impact

    • Urban Air Quality Data Exchange proposal incorporating sensor deployments, data feeds (live/fixed/open) and Citizen participation.

    Ordnance Survey Water Innovation challenge (Finalist)

    Solving the UK's key water challenges via location thinking

    • Community data gathering and consultation platform presented proposal on a digital platform that enables Water Companies to effectively consult, collate and gather input from all Stakeholders of water catchments they manage related to key catchment issues including water quality and resource allocation.

    Computational Intelligence Unconference

    Annual unconference on global technological trends

    • Presented workshop at the Computational Intelligence Unconference defining best practises for developing an IoT (internet of things) mobile app in a ‘Smart’ City environment (using the Appshed platform).

    Digital Shoreditch (Open House)

    M.A.R.S - Mobile Application Rating System - live workshop

    • Presented workshop (in collaboration with Young & Well CRC) at Google Campus on M.A.R.S (mobile application ratings system) a pioneering best standard for rating the suitability of mobile applications across 23 distinct criteria spanning Functionality, Engagement, Content, Customisation and Interactivity.

    #NotWestminster - Presentation

    Annual UK-based grassroots democracy event - inclusive decision making beyond Westminster

    • Presented workshop titled "Design thinking for Open reporting". Local authorities generate and publish large quantities of data, yet are they producing reports that enable Users to gain maximum value from this data? Reports are still produced in silo's with a compliance-centric mindset. This workshop mapped key challenges and opportunities within the current Reporting framework. A follow-up workshop where Participants learn how to prototype new formats of reports (and create the internal cultures necessary to produce them) is forthcoming.

    #NotWestminster - Infographic

    Design Thinking for Open Reporting - Infographic

  • Strategy

    Strategic Advisory Services for a selection of major Public Sector projects

    Hackney Council

    Z.E.N (Zero Emissions Network) - Enabling local businesses to operate profitably via sustainable initiatives

    ​Strategic lead for website redesign & rebuild enabling local businesses to increase profitability via adoption of emission lowering initiatives.


    Organicity - £7.2 million Smart City innovation programme spanning London, Santander and Aarhus. 

    Designed prototype for an Application that rewards consumers for making sustainable transport choices + helped shape the competition themes and guidelines which was launched in May 2016.

    G.L.A - Greater London Authority

    Old Oak & Park Royal Digital Master Plan

    Participant in Open Data advisory stream to design the Digital Master plan for the Old Oak Park Royal regeneration project (the single largest regeneration project in the UK) in partnership with HyperCatCity (Smart City IoT platform), Future Cities Catapult and Greater London Authority.

  • My Motto

    Don't count the moments, Make the moment count!

  • Hackathons

    Prototypes produced in self-organising teams from scratch in 48 hours!

    World Open Data Day

    Reading Buses and ECMWF (European Centre for medium range weather forecasting)

    Won 1st prize in Reading Buses category for creating an algorithm combining historic crash data and bus route data with open weather data from ECMWF. The result an algorithm with a .73 correlation in predicting the location and time of the next Bus breakdown! Key weather indicators with high correlations to the crash data included precipitation evaporation levels and surface to cloud column ozone levels.

    GovHack (Mentor @ Parramatta chapter)

    GovHack Australia & New Zealand

    GovHack is an annual hackathon involving major cities across and multiple government departments across Australia and New Zealand. A range of local authorities and State government departments highlight selections of their open data collection for open innovation by the Public. I was a mentor in 2017's competition proving assistance to a number of teams in problem clarification and prototype and proposal development.

    Hack Risk by Allianz

    Allianz Insurance (4th prize winner)​­

    Smart home sensor system that detects allergens present in the indoor environment and alerts User to their presence.

    Geo­Hack by Inmarsat

    Inmarsat and ESRI (UK) (Runner Up ­ What 3 words category)​­

    Urban agriculture app helping Users identify, plan, develop and monitor the best plants and gardening procedures for their Roof garden or allotment.

  • SKILLS + Extra-curricular 

    Design Thinking Practitioner

    Certified by IoEE (Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurship)

    Agile & Lean startup Methodologies

    Track record building Digital Products utilising Agile & Lean startup methodologies

    Certified Map Navigator (Bronze level)

    Certified by The Royal Institute of Navigation, British Orienteering

    Swimming Instructor - Shaw Method

    Shaw Method is a specific style of swimming instruction that combines the principles of the Alexander Technique with conventional swimming

    Stress & the Relaxation response

    Qualified by Massachusetts General Hospital as a Relaxation Response practitioner (online correspondence course with the Benson - Henry Institute)

    Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

    Graduate of UNSW (University of New South Wales) , Sydney, Australia

    Strategy on a Page (BGI Partners)

    Accredited Practitioner for guiding Businesses to define specific growth goals, design holistic strategies and create cultures that facilitate speedy & quality implementation 

    Systems Thinking Certification

    Certified by +Acumen and based on the Systems Practise toolkit developed by the Omidyar Group.

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